Walking Field Trips are an option for the “Stormwater in Your Community” lesson. IslandWood has scouted routes for these walks that take place very nearby the school, within about 3 blocks of the building. IslandWood staff will lead it for you the first time you do it. It takes approximately 60 minutes, and includes:

Introduction in the classroom: What are we looking for today?  What are the expectations for being in school outside?

Walk around neighborhood: What can we find that helps us understand what happens to stormwater around here?

Conclusion at school: What did you notice? What stormwater problems and solutions did we see in our community?

To sign up:

  1. Visit https://islandwood.setmore.com/ and select “walking field trip”
  2. Select a date and start time.
  3. Provide your Name, Email, Phone number, Address of school and,
  4. In Additional Information, please leave your school name, room number, and # of students.

If there is more than one class at your school that would like a walking field trip, each class must register separately on the same day.

Seattle Teachers: We have partially filled in a Field Trip Request form for your use.  You can find it as well as related SPS procedures documents in the resources section on the Community Waters Schoology group.

You will receive an automatic confirmation email from Setmore, but we will also contact you to confirm.