Unit Materials

Materials Provided

Community Waters is using the Land and Water Science Kit materials with some additional items added (additional bins, sponge pieces and rain jars).

If the additional materials aren’t provided with your kit, please contact us at communitywaters@islandwood.org and we’ll bring them to you at your planning session*.  We also provide your school specific teacher’s guide and printed color student maps at your planning session.

Materials Used in Each Lesson

Some of the materials provided as a part of the Land and Waters kit aren’t used for this unit.  This list of materials is to help you plan for when you will need materials and which items can be left in the bins. We suggest setting aside the materials you won’t need. You could also move the materials you won’t need until lesson 9 into their own bin.

Setting up Stormwater Tubs ASAP

Set up your stormwater tubs before you start the unit so you will have plants growing in three of them by the time you get to lesson 4.  This process is described in the “Pre-Unit Prep & Take Home Assignment” section in the teachers manual and there is a teacher training video that walks through the tub set up.

Returning Materials

Here is a revised Inventory for the “Land and Water” kit to use when returning your kit (highlighted are the added materials).  This year only: please print the sign on the last page of the inventory (or hand write it) and include it with your kit so facilities knows it includes Community Waters materials.

All permanent materials should be cleaned, dried and put in the Land and Water bins before your kit pickup date.  This includes the sponges and rain jars but not the soil mix and other things like tin foil that you have used (see inventory list if you are unsure what to include).

The soil mix will clog up sinks!  You can disperse the soil mix around bushes in your school’s landscaped area but not in mowed areas as the gravel can be kicked up by lawnmowers. Plants could go in school compost or also outside under bushes.  We recommend rinsing materials into buckets to empty outside so the sand doesn’t clog your school’s pipes.

*As of June 2020, The Community Waters Science Unit has been discontinued in Seattle as Seattle Public Schools shifts entirely to Amplify Science. At this time, IslandWood staff are unable to provide planning sessions.

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