Meet Our Educators!

IslandWood educators lead planning sessions, walking field trips, and our Community Waters Field Study.  Here’s our Community Waters team:

20171223_141921Celina Steiger, IslandWood Urban Programs Coordinator, is really loving working with Seattle teachers on Community Waters! A graduate of both of IslandWood’s graduate programs, she has been focusing her urban ecology and educational equity lenses with this science unit. Celina does teacher training, planning sessions, walking field trips and the Community Waters Field Study. She looks forward to helping Seattle 4th graders find their “stormwater goggles”!

Brad Street, IslandWood Programs Manager, has been loving the opportunity with the Community Waters unit to bring together his time as an outdoor environmental education with the more formal training from his Masters in Teaching. While he enjoys crafting student pipes maps and fine-tuning handouts, the main categories of his involvement have been developing the curriculum, large group trainings, and program assessment.  He is looking forward to his own second grader doing the unit in a couple years!

KayLani Siplin-CWKayLani Siplin, Lead Educator, recently earned her Master’s in Urban Environmental Education from IslandWood and Antioch University Seattle. She enjoys exploring the outdoors and has worked as an environmental educator at overnight camps and in the classroom. KayLani is excited about helping students see how everything fits together and discover the ways they can make meaningful change in their own communities.

Andrew Sprutta- CWAndrew Sprutta earned a degree in Conservation Biology from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point in 2016.  Throughout college and post-graduation he has worked as a guide, park ranger, and outdoor educator in wild places across the U.S. Andrew is new to the Pacific Northwest and excited to be working and learning with students at IslandWood.

Marni Sorin- CWMarni Sorin is a learner and an educator with years of experience working for environmental and educational non-profits, and small-scale organic farms. She is passionate about collaborating with learners of all ages to cultivate a healthier and more just planet. She is currently completing her degree in the University of Washington Master’s in Education program with a Certificate from IslandWood in Education for Environment and Community. Her hope is to continue working in support of high-quality educational programming with a lens of diversity, equity, inclusion, decolonization, belonging, and joy.

Emma MacDonald- CWEmma MacDonald received a BS in Environmental Science and Management from Portland State University in 2013. Since then she has been working her way across the Pacific Northwest and beyond through various positions in wildlife biology and field research. Over the last few years she has transitioned into the realm of environmental education and is currently a graduate student within the Urban Environmental Education program through IslandWood and Antioch University.  She is eager to learn and grow through this experience and hone her educator skills to become a lean, mean teaching machine.

Tom Stonehocker-CWTom Stonehocker is a lifelong nature-lover and resident of the Seattle area. Tom brings his curiosity and heart to walking field trips and the Community Waters Field Study. Tom spent the last year in Islandwood’s EEC graduate program and is currently completing both a Master of Education and a certificate in Restoration Ecology from the University of Washington.

Meredith Rivlin- CWMeredith Rivlin, is a current graduate student in the University of Washington’s Masters in Education program through IslandWood’s Education for the Environment and Community program. She is excited about connected students to place and for them to recognize their impact on their own watersheds. Meredith completed her undergrad with a degree in English from the University of Vermont and then moved to Seattle where she’s been bopping around the Puget Sound working for seasonal Environmental Education programs. She is a lifelong learner and loves poking at things in the water, so Brightwater is a perfect place to be!