Stormwater Information


Information about Stormwater Issues and Green Stormwater Infrastructure:

The Nature Conservancy’s City Habitats Initiative has lots of information about green stormwater infrastructure, including this great infographic.  Additionally, Nature Works Everywhere offers several stormwater and rain garden lesson plans and resources.

Nature’s Scorecard is a site developed by Puget Soundkeeper and Washington Environmental Council to evaluate how cities and counties in Puget Sound are implementing statewide requirements for stormwater management. It is intended as a tool to help our region measure success and find areas where improvement is needed.

Additional Resources:
  • WaterMaps – This online GIS mapping tool was created by King County and is what IslandWood used to create most of the school-specific pipe maps.  If is designed for teacher and student use, but we are still refining some of the usability features.  If you have access to a couple students that would benefit from a more open ended challenge, you could provide it to them to explore.
  • Combined Sewer Overflows Status (live) – Teaching about stormwater during a big rainstorm?  This King County website shows you which CSOs in Seattle are currently overflowing or have overflowed in the last 48 hours!