Teacher Support

IslandWood is working in close collaboration with Seattle Public Schools to support teacher’s transition to teaching this unit. Support includes Professional Development opportunities, a planning session at the school, materials specific to each school’s community, a website with materials, forums, and additional support as needed and available.

There is also an optional field trip opportunity, the Community Waters Field Study.

Please schedule with IslandWood:

  • Planning Session: IslandWood staff meet with teachers after school for two hours. This is a follow up to the larger group professional development. It will include information specific to your schoolyard and surrounding neighborhood, a tour of your schoolyard to look at what is happening with stormwater and possible sites where stormwater runoff problems are visible.
  • Walking Field Trip: IslandWood staff can be scheduled to teach the “Stormwater in Your Community” lesson by leading a walking field trip outside your school for one hour. It is available for teachers who have not had the program. Capacity and funding is limited so please schedule ASAP!
  • Community Waters Field Study (optional): This outdoor field study explores stormwater engineering at a Green Stormwater Infrastructure or stream site near your school. It is funded by Seattle Public Utilities and space is limited.

Meet our fantastic team of educators HERE!



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