These videos are provided to support teachers in implementation of the unit.  They are not intended to be watched with students.Videos

Before Starting Unit – Setting up your Stormwater Tubs (2:46 minutes):  Includes how to set up and plant your tubs, and setting up materials for distribution if setting up with students.

Leading an Investigation of your Schoolyard (4:48 minutes): See a schoolyard investigation led with students at Hazel Wolf K-8.

Conducting the “Effects of Plants on Erosion” Investigation (4:45 minutes): Shows the first half of Lesson 4 from Seattle’s version of CW

Leading a Walking Field Trip in your school’s neighborhood (4:41 minutes): See a Walking Field Trip and usage of a Discussion Diamond.

Modeling A Stormwater Problem Site (5:11 minutes): See how to create the Site Models that students will be adding their solutions to.

Solution Explanations (2:48 minutes): In this video, students explain the solutions that their team has added to their site model for further testing.