Lesson 2

Investigating Effects of Stormwater

The details of this lesson can be found in the manual, starting on page 53. Information specific to your school can be found in your guides. There is also a teacher training video showing the leading of a schoolyard investigation.

Display Materials:
Student Readings (choose two):
Additional Optional Resources:
  • Video with more detail on how water moves through soil (many big words used): “Water Moving though Soil”.water-movement-e1529523107409.png
  • Online Runoff Simulation: This online model lets users change the land cover, soil type and amount of precipitation and see how it affects infiltration and runoff.  This  could be used as an extension for a student that understands the concepts behind groundwater and would like take it a step further.Runoff Model
  • How do potholes form?“ Quick explanation of potholes creation (30 seconds)