Registration is now open for March through June programs (winter and spring rotations).

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What has been engineered to help with stormwater problems in your community?  Is it meeting different stakeholders’ criteria for success?  Students will apply science and engineering practices as they investigate what engineers have done to help with stormwater problems.  Specific investigations, models, and explanations vary depending on student interests and the site being investigated. This program is taught by IslandWood staff.

Who: 4th and 5th graders in Seattle

Time: 3.5 hours including lunch break; 9:30-1:00

When & Locations: late September-December (fall); March-April (winter, at Thornton Creek Water Quality Channel); April-June (spring, at High Point Development and Be’er Sheva Park), coordinated with unit

Where:  A stream &/or stormwater infrastructure location as close to your school as possible.  See registration form for the locations available.

Cost:  FREE!  This program is fully funded by Seattle Public Utilities.  Transportation assistance available.

This program connects to the Community Waters and Land & Water science units. It incorporates Next Generation Science Standards and supports the 3-5 Engineering Design performance expectations. 

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