Field Study Resources

Tacoma Field Trips and Extensions

Check out Pierce Conservation District’s FREE water programs!
The “Rainy Day Hike” would be a great enhancement to Community Waters, or even take the place of Lesson 3.
We explore the school grounds to investigate where water is found and
whether or not there is pollution entering the watershed.

Pierce Conservation District also offers Soil programs!

In “Soil as Sponges”, students investigate how different surfaces affect water infiltration around the schoolyard. “What’s in Soil?”, students investigate soil components, test soil properties and identify soil types.

EnviroChallengers offers many programs that align with learning in Community Waters too!

Seattle Field Study Site Histories

As of June 2020, The Community Waters Field Study has been discontinued in Seattle as Seattle Public Schools shifts entirely to Amplify Science. We are working on developing a NEW field trip for 2022-23 to enhance and localize the Ecosystems Restoration Amplify unit!

For teachers in Seattle that are interested in exploring local parks with students, these one to two page flyers provide information related to the histories of each of these sites.